KEPCO’s Chemical Resistant Bricks have very high resistance to any chemicals making them perfectly suitable for industrial chimneys especially for power and cement plants.  KEPCO alone is specialized in this production in Egypt.  Its quality super ceded that of the imported ones, and this is why importation of such units were banned and this saved foreign currency.

KEPCO’s production complies to ASTM C279 and C980 (American Standard) and DIN 1057 Parts I, II, and III (German Standard), ES 4130/2003.


   KEPCO produced and supplied masonry units for the flow lining of the chimneys of the following power plant projects:


                   Al Arish (65 MW x 2) / 85 LM.

                   Sidi Krir (325MW x 2) / 155 LM.

                   Ayoun Mousa (325MW x 2) / 155 LM.

                   Al Tebeen  ( 2   152 LM ). "  under construction "

                   Cairo West ( 2   152 LM ). "  under construction "

In addition such units can be used in factories operating in the field of cement and ceramics.




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