KEPCO manufactures Chemical Resistant Bricks, commercially known as Blue Bricks, which are mainly used in drainage systems. The product is manufactured according to the Egyptian Standard No. 41 for the year 2005 and also to the following standards:

        - German Standard No. 1230/80 Part III

        - British Standard No. 3679.

KEPCO’s product of Chemical Resistant Bricks are subjected during its manufacturing process to test from the Quality Control Department of the company. 

Consequently they attain a high level of mechanical properties.  In addition, they are produced in accurate shapes thus the thinnest possible mortar layers can applied upon their installation.

Such blue bricks are used in the lining of sewage tunnels and sludge tanks and manholes and the lining of chimneys of chemical industries.


KEPCO contributed more than 94..22% of its specials product to line the tunnels of sewage in Greater Cairo which is equivalent to 43.935 million bricks of a total of 46.630million bricks used un this projects in addition to its contribution in the lining of the tunnels of Alexandria Governorate.


   Comparison Table of KEPCO’s Chemical Resistant Bricks’ Testing


Results with Egyptian Standards no. 41 / 2005


 Test Description

KEPCO’s Results (Average)

 Egyptian Standards (41/2005)

Acid Resistance



Water Absorption



Compressive Strength

63.7 N/mm2

29.43 N/mm2


- Results are based on a 6 months averaging period from 2008




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