The Arab Company for Ceramic Products, KEPCO, produces Vitrified Clay Pipes with diameters varying from 150mm up to 1,000 mm and with lengths 1500–2000 mm. This is acquired by adopting the latest technology equipment in the lines of preparation, shaping, handling, drying, and firing of the pipes through tunnel kilns which have been imported from the largest German and English specialized firms in this field. The kilns are operated and controlled by PLC to allow and guarantee the highest standards of quality which complies with the Egyptian Standards (No. 56/2005, and the Cabinet Decision No. 277 / 2000, and also complies to :

* International American Standards ASTM C700
* International European Standards EN 295.

* KEPCO’s Vitrified Clay Pipes undergo several testing throughout all the production cycle by the Quality Control Department of the Company.

* KEPCO’s Vitrified Clay Pipes undergo continuous inspection and testing, both
of the product itself and its production cycle, by the National Organization for
Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage, the Administration of Testing and Industrial
Supervision, through its stationed representatives who, issue test certificate that
KEPCO products comply with Egyptian Standard (No. 56 / 2005) testing

* After excelling in the production of the Vitrified Clay Pipes, KEPCO then went
on to produce clay pipes with flexible joints comply with the same standard ES
56/05 It is therefore inevitable, that KEPCO’s Vitrified Clay Pipes, both with
and without flexible joints, has shared in all national projects all over A.R.E.


Characteristics if KEPCO’s Vitrified Clay Pipes:

KEPCO’s Vitrified Clay Pipes are self-glazed all the pipe’s body is vitrified and this is due to the very high techniques used in preparing the raw material in the lines of grinding, mixing, shaping, drying, and firing, where the latest technology equipment used , operated & controlled by PLC



   Advantages of  KEPCO’s Pipes

1. High resistance for acids, alkalis, fungi and reptiles.

2. Not affected by temperature changes neither during storage nor during handling.

3. Not affected by chemical substances or gases produced as a byproduct due to the reactions of the components of the sewage, except Hydrofluoric Acid (HF).

4. Full Verification guarantees against any defects on the external or internal surface, making them superior to glazed pipes.

5. Do not need protective work and its internal surface is not affected by the plumbing process like other alternatives.

6. Highest resistance for abrasion and corrosion and not affected by eddy currents.

7. No limited life span in comparison to other kinds of pipes, and can go on living forever.

8. Easy to install.

9. Produced from locally abundant clay material and this guarantees continuous supply and maximum protection form variation in prices.

10. The highest resistance for all types of aggressive soil.

11. Percentage of water absorption is very low, therefore, it has high degree of impermeability.

12. Comply with both the Egyptian and International Standards for their mechanical and chemical characteristics.

13. Efficiency of the hydraulic liquid-passing properties.

14. Possibility of production in accordance with European Standards EN 295 in accordance with the request of the Consultant.

15. friendly to the Environment: KEPCO is considered amongst the first companies to comply fully with the Egyptian Environmental Law no. 4 for the year 1994 as well as the decree no. 55 for the year 1983. KEPCO has successfully passed all the tests performed including tests on the degree of pollution in the work environment and the industrial operations’ emissions at the different work sites. Such environment preservation is assured by installing equipment to absorb all the dust, re-cycling and filtering the gases by using the latest German Technology.




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