Chemical Resistant Bricks

Description of Chemical Resistance Bricks

KEPCO manufactures Chemical Resistant Bricks, commercially known as Blue Bricks, which are mainly used in drainage systems. The product is manufactured under The Egyptian Standard No. 41 of 2005 and also to the following standards:
• German Standard No. 1230/80 Part III
• British Standard No. 3679.
KEPCO’s product of Chemical Resistant Bricks is subjected during its manufacturing process to test by our Quality Control Department.
Consequently, they attain a high level of mechanical properties. Moreover, they are molded accurately. Hence, the thinnest layer of mortar can be applied easily on top of it. Blue Bricks are used in…
• The lining of sewage tunnels
• Sludge tanks and manholes
• Lining of chimneys
KEPCO supplied around 94% of its special products to line the tunnels of sewage in Greater Cairo. Equivalent to 43.935 million bricks out of 46.630 million bricks used in this project.
Moreover, KEPCO also provided blue bricks to the lining of the tunnels of Alexandria Governorate.

Test Description KEPCO’s Result (Average) Egyptian Standsards (41/2005)
Acid Resistance 2.8% 3.5%
Water Absorption 3.5% 6%
Compressive Strength 63.7 N/mm2 29.43 N/mm2

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